Edward van Vliet is an international design company specialized in conceptual interior and product design for the corporate sector. The company has a strong focus on hospitality, Urban Residential, and office sectors. With proven expertise in design and consumer behaviour, Edward van Vliet throws down the gauntlet to the status quo, bringing a fresh mindset to the process of destination design.

Specialized in designing premium tailored experiences and products for leading brands, Edward van Vliet delivers unique concepts worldwide which are consistent with the location, culture, and experience desired Trademark design with international appeal. Working hand in hand with leading global brands. Out of the box, pertinent thinking, delivers bespoke destination design. Part of the contemporary Dutch designers generation, Studio Edward van Vliet has promptly claimed the international spotlight. A global client base is serviced from its creative home in Amsterdam, with company flags also flying from Hong Kong and New York.

Creating Worlds

Edward van Vliet | Creating Worlds

Edward van Vliet is an exponent of the current generation of contemporary Dutch designers that has claimed the international limelight for the past decade. His work is characterized by the high level of attention given to every aspect of an interior; from furniture to lighting, from lobby to staircase and from floor to ceiling; everything is subject to a ‘total experience’. Creating Worlds is a compendium that takes you along on a journey throughout the myriad of facets and influences that define Edward’s work, ranging from product design to hospitality and residential concepts, from east to west and from the smallest detail to ‘the big picture’.
May it inspire and enrich you.
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Urban Residential

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Product Catalogue

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Art Direction, Branding and Retail

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Destination Design

“Nature is the greatest designer in the world and the most expansive source of inspiration at the same time. Rich and colourful. Brimming with life and detail.”
- Edward van Vliet

Hotels, Resorts & Hideaways

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Orchestrating Experiences

“Edward has the eyes of a photographer, the sensibility of a musician and the power of an architect”
- Patrizia Moroso

Experience DNA

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A hospitality experience for the intellectual luxury traveller that fuses various cultures with cosmic treasures as;
art, design, literature, poetry and philosophy.
A book with tales by a narrative person called OmarOwen
an enchanting and elegant however mysterious person.
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The OmarOwen Concept

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Design Philosophy

As a cosmopolitan designer, Edward van Vliet is inspired by the world around him. Fascinated by a never depleting source of cultural and natural varieties he aims to compose new worlds by making unique combinations of colours, materials, patterns and shapes.
Whilst respecting any given local context, these “new worlds” are always at the heart of his company’s designs and concepts. In creating these worlds, nine specific design keys are employed. The harmony between them ensures remarkable results.
Bringing spaces alive
Patterns, whether painted, printed, knitted, embroidered, woven or created by light, add tactile quality and make a design or space come to life. Apart from using nature as an endless source of inspiration, Edward’s fascination for mathematics, geometry, symmetry and repetition plays an important role in creating new and surprising patterns.
Dimension and depth through
Transparent layers create depth and dimension and are used in interiors to create rooms within a room, to provide a feeling of intimacy as well as underlining spaciousness. In floors or ceilings the use of layers can be employed to create enchanting combinations of materials, stressing atmosphere or to visually separate functions within a space
Sophisticated green
Respecting the natural surroundings of a project is never a bad cause. By acting local and involving a community you will support your environment, and with that, yourself. Edward: “In nature nothing is perfect, everything is ‘handmade’. Imperfection enhances beauty and adds character.”
Wealth of origins
The DNA of Edward’s work is characterized by its global blend of influences, ranging all the way from European design to the cultural traditions of Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Combining this wealth of influences with quality workmanship is at the very foundation of creating worlds within worlds and sets his studio apart.
Value and authenticity
Next to making things durable, the quality of used materials is a crucial aspect on closer inspection of any design and adds value and presence. And by combining contrasting materials, tangible emotion is added to a space or object.
Endless moods
Colour is the most expressive aspect of any design and its peculiarities vary a lot from culture to culture. With over 25 years of experience, Edward has profoundly explored its many facets. Using only one or two primary colors supported by a ton sur ton palette he creates perfectly balanced colour experiences – surprisingly vivid and at the same time perfectly calm.
Future classics
Don’t change things that have proven to be right, but add new value. Edward strives to combine the good things from the past with innovative use of materials and techniques in order to create ‘future classics’, and the other way around: high-tech elements combined with natural materials and finished to the latest production standards.
Atmosphere and visual experience
Light is a crucial design key in defining the atmosphere of a space and has the unique ability to direct moods. Extensive care is given in ensuring that the character of lighting supports both the function and desired atmosphere of a space. Apart from his studio’s expertise in artificial lighting, Edward firmly believes in preserving natural light.
Distinguished luxury
Edward’s designs are identity based and driven. For every new interior, tailor made “treasures” are designed to enrich and personalize each space. This has resulted in some of Edward’s design classics like the Royal Bombombola chandelier and the Dutch Sky carpet.


At Edward van Vliet® we believe that an internship is as much about learning as it is becoming a valuable member of the team.

We offer internships for undergraduate and postgraduate students from renowned academies / universities, in Furniture and Lighting Design, Interior design, Product and Industrial Design and Graphic Design, as well as Multimedia and Communication studies.

As a design intern, you will assist with a variety of tasks across product, lighting and furniture design and architectural projects. Some of these tasks include the development of concepts, research into materials and manufacturing techniques, making drawings and other daily activities. You will also have the opportunity to participate in and work on special projects. If you are self motivated, passionate about design we would love to hear from you.

We require that you have at least 2 years of study and that you have technical skills that include good computer skills and sound knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCad, and perhaps Sketchup and 3D Studio Max.

As a communication intern, you will assist with a variety of tasks across social media, website, communication and publicity projects. Some of these tasks include the development of social media strategy and maintenance, website development and maintenance and other daily activities. You will also have the opportunity to participate in and work on special projects. If you are self motivated, passionate about design we would love to hear from you.

We require that you have at least 2 years of study and that you have technical skills that include good computer skills and sound knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, Social Media, Wordpress.

Our internships are paid and last three/six months with extensions and freelance work subject to individual performance. We cover travel expenses.

You can email us your CV and portfolio in PDF (max 7 MB) to Michiel Wijnen at We look forward to hearing from you.


If you are interested in making an appointment or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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